The Ultimate Checklist When You’re Looking for a New Home

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November 9, 2016
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November 14, 2016

The Ultimate Checklist When You’re Looking for a New Home


Below are some tips from professionals to help ensure the home you choose is the right one for you and your family, and that there are fewer surprises when you move to San Francisco.
Taking People with You
Whether it’s a friend or a home inspector, you should take someone with you so there is a better chance that they will pick up on the little things that you might miss. Often you’re overwhelmed by so much to look at and consider, and how impressive the house is, that you forget to look for the little things that can cost a lot of money to repair. Having other people with you allows you the opportunity to look at the things you like about the home, while the others can look for any problems that may eventually be serious.
Create a Checklist
You’ll likely have a checklist of things you’re looking for in a home, but it’s also important to have a checklist for things you may want to pay close attention to. These can include:
The age of the appliances and the level of wear and tear they’re showing.
The size of all closets can be important, not just for yourself but for children as well.
Where are outlets located, are they grounded and are there enough of them in convenient places?
Inspect all types of flooring in the home for maintenance, damage and possible replacement.
Does the kitchen offer sufficient storage options to meet your needs?
Check the air-conditioning, water heater and furnace for age and when they were last serviced.
Noise Levels
Take a drive to the home on a Friday evening. What is the noise like in the neighborhood? If you can do this on a holiday weekend it will offer better clues to noise levels. How close is the home to a major highway or road? All these can play an important part in how much you’ll enjoy living in this neighborhood.
Spacious Rooms
Will all the rooms in the home be spacious enough to accommodate the different needs of your family? Be sure the agent gives you all measurements of the rooms, including the basement. Investigate if the den is large enough to meet your needs as a family, or if someone is planning to add a home office to this area.
Improvements to the Home
Ask the real estate agent or the homeowner what improvements have been made to the home and the property in the last five years. Make sure they were done by a professional, and have them back it up with receipts. When your home inspector comes to visit have them check these improvements as well to ensure they were done correctly.
Assess all lighting in the home, in order to decide if it needs to be upgraded. Be sure to test all switches to ensure they work correctly. Electrical work after you’ve moved to San Francisco can be expensive. At Movers LookUP Moving and Storage we often are moving people into a new home in the dark. Countless times we run across rooms with no lighting, and where outlets and switches are not working properly. This is especially true in older homes.
Make sure you flush all toilets, turn on all water taps, and if your San Francisco Movers is to the countryside and you’re on a well, ask for a water sample and have it tested.

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