Moving Tips for Packing Like the Pros

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November 14, 2016
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November 26, 2016

Moving Tips for Packing Like the Pros


We decided to put together these tips below that will help you pack like a pro for your next move.

Start Early
Two months before you move you should start packing seasonal items, which won’t be used in the next few months. Before you even start to pack you should ensure the boxes are strong enough for what is being put in them. Moving companies in San Francisco sell strong boxes at a relatively inexpensive price, but even still, reinforcing the boxes at the bottom with strong tape, especially where there are any seams, will help make them stronger. When the box is full, make sure to reinforce the top with extra tape, to ensure it stays closed during your move.

Packing Room by Room
When you pack room by room you’ll find it much easier when unpacking. When packing bathroom items, towels and sheet make an excellent buffer, as well as being absorbent if anything gets spilled. If you’re packing bedroom items, leave everything in the drawers. You’ll save on boxes by not packing what’s in the drawers, and save time later by not having to unpack them. Make sure you fill the drawers up with extra stuffing to ensure items don’t move around during the trip. Take tape and tape all around the dresser, both vertically and horizontally so everything is secure.

Packing Glass and Plates
These items should always be packed standing up. You’ll find they’re less likely to break when standing vertically, and it’s quite easy to put paper ball stuffing around them. The more full the box is when packed, will also help to prevent any damage. Make sure that boxes with breakable items are clearly marked fragile on every side of the box, and using a large red magic marker, makes for easy identification.

Use String on all Taped Boxes
This cool tip helps you open boxes when you arrive at your destination in San Francisco. Line all tape with string, and leave ends of the string sticking out when you’re taping up the box. Then when your move to San Francisco is completed, you’ll just pull on the string to easily remove the tape on all boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes
Wardrobe boxes are large and tall, and have a bar inside to hang-up your clothing. Movers in San Francisco can supply you with these boxes, if you ask ahead of time for them. It makes moving clothing easy, and if there’s space in the bottom of the box you can pack in extra items. These boxes are great if you want to organize your clothing by season, and when you finish your move to San Francisco you simply remove the clothing and hang everything up in your new closets.

Labeling Your Boxes
Go to any local stationary store in your area and ask for labels large enough for moving. These come in all kinds of colors, and can make moving day go easier for you, and faster for your San Francisco movers. Make sure you label each box clearly, and then put a matching color label above each door that corresponds to the color on the box. Movers in San Francisco love people who are organized, and the more organized you are the faster your move will be. Movers LookUP – Moving and Storage is a local San Francisco , which moves people in the state of San Francisco and across the country. Storage facilities are also available. Visit our website for further information.

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